PeeWee B District Tournament

February 16th -18th


The District tournament is sanctioned by Minnesota Hockey and conducted by a selected host who will act as
Tournament Director, in accordance with a contract executed with Minnesota Hockey. All games will be played under
and in accordance with the rules of USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey Youth Rules and Regulations.


Please submit rosters with the numbers to the tournament chairperson.

Each tournament has an online registration process.

  • Rosters will be limited to 20 players
  • Only those listed as a coach or player on the team’s USA Hockey Roster will be allowed in the player’s box during


Entry Fee:
  • $600.00 per team and $300.00 gate fee.
Payment must be received by the 1st game of tournament. 


Please makes checks for $900.00 payable to:
La Crescent Youth Hockey Association
P.O. Box 141
La Crescent, MN 55947.


NOTE: Failure to submit payment prior to the first game could result in the team’s disqualification from the tournament.


All players, coaches and managers MUST check-in sixty (60) minutes prior to their first game for roster verification.


The following items MUST be submitted by each team to the tournament chairperson for review and approval by the District Director or designee prior to their first tournament game. Failure to comply shall result in forfeiture of that team’s first game.
  • USA Hockey Player Roster Form(s) signed by respective Associate Registrar or other person authorized by USA Hockey registrar to sign rosters.
  • Individual membership registration forms (IMR’s) for each player and coach. NOTE: IMR’s not required if using an electronic roster.
  • Residency waivers for all players on the roster not residing in the team’s natural hockey community.
  • An approval letter from the Minnkota District Registrar for any player rostered in a younger age group than is implicit based on the player’s birth date.
  • CEP (Coaches Education Program) card verification for all coaches on the bench.


Bryan Waskow
Tournament Coordinator


AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center Riverfront
Reservations by Call In “District 9 Peewee B Hockey”
Cut off date 1/16/18

Days Inn Conference Center
Reservations by Call In “District 9 Peewee B Hockey”
Cut off date 2/2/18

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
Reservations by Call In “District 9 Peewee B Hockey”
Cut off date 2/1/18